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A Trump tax idea that might actually do some good (OPINION)

A Trump tax idea that might actually do some good (OPINION)

The Washington Post
By Editorial Board
October 29, 2017

WITH ALL the focus on health care, tax cuts and regulatory rollback, there has been little attention left for an idea of President Trump’s that might actually do some good: investing in the nation’s roads, bridges, rails and ports. As anyone who has sat in a traffic jam, languished on a delayed Metro train or struggled to navigate a crowded airport can tell you, more investment could enhance economic growth and Americans’ quality of life. Mr. Trump has signaled high ambitions, mentioning infrastructure in his otherwise dismal inaugural address and floating a $1 trillion building plan.

But promising everyone brand-new highways is easy. Paying for them is harder. The president’s plan would supposedly include $200 billion in public funding, with the balance coming from private funds. Even finding a couple hundred billion would be a tough lift. The country’s Highway Trust Fund should be adequately financed by the federal gasoline tax. Yet Congress has refused to raise the tax since 1993, and inflation erodes the value of the revenue it raises every year. Time after time, when the trust fund was in financial distress, Congress has used budget gimmicks and one-time money raisers to kick the problems down the road.. FULL ARTICLE

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