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Commissioners take action on road construction

Commissioners take action on road construction


Road construction and maintenance dominated the Osage County commissioner meeting Monday morning.

Commissioners approved an agreement with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to reconstruct 6.2 miles Prue Road.

“We are not going to be able to do all of that at one time,” said Commissioner Jim Clark. “It’ll probably be over a two-year period.”

He said the road needed to be redone because of wear and tear do to heavy oil-field traffic.

“In places we are going to have to obliterate the roadway — its bad — to get it redone,” he said. “It’s in bad shape.”

The plan is to begin the construction at the Osage intersection and to proceed south and east towards Prue with a three-inch asphalt overlay.

Commissioners also approved an ODOT claim for Guy Engineering Services in the amount of $17,552 for work on Kelley Avenue and City View Road.

Also approved was a programming resolution for a county road project for reimbursement for asphalt overlay work done on the old Highway 99. The work was done starting at the end of Lynn Avenue in Pawhuska and extending 2.6 miles north to Highways 60 and 99.

Commissioners voted to approve an ODOT claim for District #2 for a $234,408.06 reimbursement for asphalt work done on 103rd Street North.

Additionally, commissioners approved a contract with Schindler Elevator Company to renovate a number of elevators.

“We’ve had renovate the elevator in the DA’s building and the OSU Extension building — We’re having to do extensive renovating on it — and the one in the courthouse we’ve had to redo the fireproofing in it,” said Clark.

The commissioners voted to approve an interlocal agreement with Woodlawn Elementary School in Fairfax for the construction of a wetlands outdoor classroom.

Clark said an individual in Fairfax who works for Wildlife Department received a grant to help construct a small pool for a wetlands for the school.

“We have agreed to help them a little bit,” said Clark. He said the assistance will not be financial but will rather be in labor.

“Work and time is what we are going to do.”

In other news, Clark told the Journal-Capital that the Arkansas River Bridge near Blackburn will be replaced due to County Improvement for Roads and Bridges funds supplied by Oklahoma House Bill 1176.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Clark. “There is no way that Osage County could ever replace that bridge if this funding hadn’t come back. It adds up to $25 million a year for all the counties in the state and the money was earmarked to help replace structures and roadways that the county couldn’t afford to do on their own.”

He said the project will probably cost $8.5 million to complete.

“I can’t sing enough praises for the legislature doing that,” he said. “But that bridge was getting really questionable in spots.”

Built in 1928, the bridge is a through truss and is 1,136.2 ft in length.

Clark said the construction is due to begin next year.

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1. Randy Dean Ray wrote:
I want to make a formal complaint against Bob Jackson, and his road crew in Pawhuska.
I live on CR 2495. It was about half black top, and half dirt and gravel.
Bob Jackson is tearing up the black top and putting down dirt and gravel.
I am a voter and so is everyone that lives on that road, and we are not at all happy about what they are doing to CR2495.
We want them to just leave it alone.
Bob says it will be easier to maintain, but they don't maintain that road anyway. I only see them when school is in.
In the areas where they are tearing up the blacktop, they are leaving about 6" of dirt that is not even packed. I have a couple different vehicles. A truck(4X4) Which I am going to be force to start driving every day because the road is so messed up now. I also have an older cadillac that is my daily driver for the fuel economy. I also have a motorcycle that I ride when I can.
I am handicapped due to a severe accident 3yrs ago, and that road is so messed up now, that I'm afraid it is going to tear up my cadillac, and I will be stuck out there possibly up to 3mi from home. I can't just get out of my car and start walking because of my handicap. What am I going to do if I get stuck or because of the terrible job they are doing on my road, or it tears up my car? Is Osage County going to buy me a new car? Are they going to pay my hospital bills if I have a wreck on that road because of the gravel they are putting down or the 6" of loose dirt they are leaving? I will be forced to get a lawyer at that point and sue the county.
I told Bob Jackson all this and that nobody on my road wants them out there making the road worse than what it was. He told me he was going to do it anyway, and that the district attorney takes care of their lawsuits.
As I said, I am a taxpayer and a voter, and handicapped. I'm asking you to make Bob Jackson stop tearing up my road and making a not too bad a road a terrible road. I don't want my car, truck, or motorcyle torn up because of what he is doing, and I don't want to end up in the hospital again and forced to sue the county.
I saw that he did the same thing to another road in Okesa, and I'm sure those people aren't too happy about it either. There are a lot of people who use that road going to the casino, or just going to work and home.
If you can't help me, then I guess I will find someone else who will help. Maybe one of the news stations would find this interesting.

Randy Dean Ray

Tue, June 12, 2012 @ 8:42 AM

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