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Edmond Road Art

Edmond Road Art


EDMOND, OK -- It's built to last for decades and to withstand the non-stop wear and tear of heavy vehicles. The fairly new concrete on the Broadway Extension south of Edmond is already stained with oil and road grime, but just beneath the bridges is a different kind of stain - a decorative one that depicts our state seal.

"There is also a lot of staining that takes place," Oklahoma Department of Transportation spokeswoman Terri Angier said.

Taxpayers foot the bill for this attractive stone replica of the Oklahoma emblem.

"Definitely there's a cost that goes into that and the staining is also an additional cost," Angier said.

Extra costs some Oklahoma drivers say we could do without during these tough times.

"If it cost extra money then I guess we shouldn't do it."

"With the crisis the economy's in that's ridiculous if you ask me."

"I don't like it. Oklahoma's known as an Indian state and all that and then you post the emblem of an Indian up. I just don't agree with it."

The emblem is part of a 30 million dollar project that includes two bridges on the Broadway Extension, and according to the ODOT, similar emblems were included in several other projects, because the public was in favor of the decorative stones when the plans were first drawn up 18 months ago.

In this project alone it will cost about half a million dollars extra to have the emblems included.

"Half a million is for everything involved including the consultants that were hired to help us come up with the statics," Angier said.

Money the state considers an investment and some drivers a positive change of pace.

"They had them laying down on the ground over there before they put them up. I thought they were pretty cool."

"We spend stupid money on other stupid things."

ODOT says it's very difficult to remove items like these emblems once the work is already underway. They also say projects don't follow economic trends - like the recession - because the projects are planned years ahead of when they're actually carried out.

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