EDMOND - Edmond motorists are fed up with the difficulty driving across town.  One official says roads are having trouble keeping up with traffic demands.  Broadway in Edmond is no surprise to motorists.  The start and stop traffic only gets even more bottled up as population continues to grow.  The Edmond 2015 Transportation Plan Task Force was formed about 5 months ago, and looks into how the city can improve congestion.

Gerald Wright, the Chairman of the 2015 Transportation Plan Task Force said, "The money's short, and the needs are great."

Wright says traffic problems are not getting better, they're getting worse.  He says one of the first needs is to replace old traffic lights at the city's 90 signalized intersections.

"Suggesting they might invest a sizable amount of money to update all signals to make traffic flow faster on what they already have in place," Wright explained.

Drivers say it's a pain to get around town.

Ericka Smith, an Oklahoma City resident said, "The lights take too long to change for one, they need to do something about that."

"Sometimes it takes a while but people act like there's a funeral going on the way they drive, it's really bad," another driver added.

Mary Helms, an Edmond resident said, "I hate it.  It takes a long time to get through because there's so much traffic."

Another area of concern is near I-35 where many of the roads that exit off of 35 are only 2 lanes.

"These section line roads all started out to be 2 lanes, and then you have 2 housing developments move in here.  Then you have a school, and when you have a school you have 2 lane roads so then you have to go to 4 lanes. Wright described.  "If those 4 lanes, should it be 5 lanes? should it be divided? should it not be divided?"

Covell is one place that will be a big part of that plan.  But until then, it will be a jerky ride as the city tries to keep up with the needed changes.

"With the density of the people spreading out, the traffic spreads out also. And the infrastructure costs more to keep up," Wright concluded.

When the city plans to widen those 2 lane roads they will have to purchase the Right-of-Ways, and move utilities to make room.