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House Transportation Committee Report

House Transportation Committee Report

House Transportation Committee

Thursday, February 18, 2010, 10:30 a.m., Room 412C, State Capitol

Members Present: Chairman Shannon, Vice-Chair Joyner; Rep. Banz; Rep. Christian; Rep. Fields; Rep. Luttrell; Rep. McAffrey; Rep. Russ; Rep. Ortega; Rep. Proctor; Rep. Wright, John

Members Absent: None

Others Present: Speaker Benge, Gary Huddelston

By Chancen Flick, The Journal Record Legislative Report

The chair conviened the meeting at 10:32.

HB 2609 By Liebmann. Changes the word "purpose" to the word "need" in language regarding the preservation of scenic routes along public highways.

Banz presented the bill on behalf of Liebmann who could not be present. The bill was a request from the Department of Transportation. It changed one word in the current text.

By a unanimous motion a substitute was adopted.

Wright began the questioning by asking if there was a difference between the substitute and the original text. Mike Patterson, along with Gary Huddelston, representing the Department of Transportation said that the language encompassed changes in billboards intended to be seen from highways.

Wright further asked what the current federal guidelines were on this situation and Patterson said around 660 feet.

A motion was made for Do Pass and was moved to a vote.

The bill passed 10-0.

HB 3220 (1) By Benge. Authorizes construction of a new turnpike beginning at I-44 & 49th West, past Highway 64/412, turning NE, crossing 41st W, and continuing eastward to the L.L. Tisdale Expressway in Tulsa; EMERGENCY.

Benge explained that the bill would create a possible feasibility study for a new turnpike in the Tulsa metro area. This turnpike had been on the books for nearly fifty years to finally complete a loop around the city. This bill authorized the Turnpike Authority to conduct said study.

Proctor began by reading a question sent in from one of his constituents; How much would the proposed turnpike toll be? Benge stated that there would be no guarantee on that at this time or that the study would even occur. The bill just allows the study to occur but does not set deadlines. He said that existing city funds would most likely make most of the road and the toll would only relate to the bridges constructed.

Proctor then asked what would be the economic impact for north Tulsa. Benge responded that the effect would be significant. Most major cities have some form of loop to expedite traffic citywide. "Millions of dollars in investments follow these loops." He said.

Shannon asked if Benge believed that tolls were the fairest tax available and Benge said yes.

Wright began by stating "I am very familiar with the area the road will go through… will this road help growth?" Benge stated that it would open up the majority of northwest Tulsa to new business.

A motion of Do Pass was made

The bill passed 11-0

HB 2844 By Joyner. Names act "The Oklahoma Highway Remediation and Cleanup Services Act". Strikes language about licensing requirements of business being located in OK and tow trucks must be registered and licensed in OK. Clarifies minor language.

Joyner began by saying that the bill made needed language changes and that the companies involved did business in the state of Oklahoma.

Shannon said that while he did appreciate the company doing business in state, did it pose any constitutional concerns. Joyner said yes.

Proctor asked if Joyner believed the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution gave the states the right to judge as we see fit on our own affairs. Joyner agreed.

A motion of Do Pass was made.

The bill passed 10-1

There being no further business before the committee, Shannon adjourned at 10:47

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