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How Telematics Is Enabling The Future Of Transportation And So Much More (OPINION)

How Telematics Is Enabling The Future Of Transportation And So Much More (OPINION)
APR 26, 2018 @ 09:30 AM

In survey after survey, range is one of the top reasons most consumers and businesses won’t consider buying electric vehicles (EVs). No wonder they only account for about 0.2% of light-duty passenger vehicles in use worldwide.

That’s bad news for municipalities and other governments that want to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging EV ownership. The good news? Although battery advances will continue to chip away at the range barrier, another technology can have an even bigger impact — and today, rather than five or 10 years from now. That same technology can also address other transportation woes that affect everything from the environment to safety.

It’s telematics, which is a subset of the internet of things (IoT). In this case, the things are vehicles and their components. Telematics collects information about a vehicle, such as its location and speed, how hard it has braked, fuel consumption and the condition of its drivetrain, to name just a few metrics. That information is relayed over wireless — usually cellular, but sometimes satellite — to the vehicle’s owner or an authorized third party, such as an insurance provider... FULL ARTICLE

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