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Keating Editorial: It's time for state income tax to go

Keating Editorial: It's time for state income tax to go


Published: May 23, 2010

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has moved to the Sunshine State. Reportedly, he and wife Janet now have Florida driver’s licenses and have signed Florida declarations of domicile. What on earth happened? A lifelong denizen of the Land of Opportunity, Huckabee departed his favorite duck ponds near Stuttgart for the land of respirators, gators and humidity.

How could he have made such a switch? Is he addled or suffering from a masochistic form of midlife crisis?

Not really. I suspect that my friend is only responding to incentive — the incentive of being able to keep more of what is yours. To hold on to what you have earned. Look at the figures. Florida has no income tax. What you toil for is yours. They don’t tax work, they encourage it. Arkansas actively discourages work. They tax it, early and hard. From $0 to $3,700 per year, Arkansas workers cough up 1 percent to the state. From $31,000 and up, they pay a whopping 7 percent of their income to Little Rock.

Mike Huckabee is earning good money and I imagine that he wishes to set aside as much as he can for retirement and his family. We’d all do the same thing. So why doesn’t every state understand the public’s desire to avoid the death squeeze of income taxes? FULL ARTICLE


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