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VIDEO: TRUST brings natl experts to testify on road funding

VIDEO: TRUST brings natl experts to testify on road funding


As a part of TRUST's 2010 legislative agenda, national experts were brought in this week to testify before the Oklahoma legislative ROADS task force about how best to index the state's transportation funding system to guard against inflation eroding transportation construction budgets.  TRUST is working with state house lawmakers to introduce legislation that would index the state transportation fund to the Producer Price Index for Streets and Highways.  Officials with the American Association of State Highway Officials noted this would allow for gradual increases in state funding to help purchasing power of the state DOT keep pace with the rising cost of inflation.

Story Updated: Dec 10, 2009 at 5:38 PM CST

As the economy's struggles continue and construction costs are still rising, state lawmakers are trying to figure out how to keep roads, and bridges from falling apart. The bumps and bruises of travel are taking a toll on local roads. Today, lawmakers heard from two national experts on how to make sure there's enough money to repair highways and bridges in the future.

Juong Lee, the Assoc. Director of Finance, for the AASHTO said, "Unless regular fuel tax adjustments are made, generally funding level for transportation purposes will go down over time as inflation eats into the transportation program."... WATCH VIDEO

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