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OK ranchers raise valid concerns on capital gains issue (EDITORIAL)

OK ranchers raise valid concerns on capital gains issue (EDITORIAL)

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board  
Updated: April 12, 2018 12:00 AM CDT

THE Oklahoma Education Union-led teacher walkout is about school funding and teacher pay rates, which union leaders argue haven't been notably increased in 10 years. So what's their proposed solution? To raise taxes on agriculture producers whose incomes are at a 12-year low.

The plan, tied to the capital gains tax, is cloaked in “tax the rich” rhetoric but on-the-ground reality is far different than that stereotype.

This year, the OEA demanded state spending be increased by $1.4 billion annually within three years. The first-year phase of the plan involved $812 million in increased funding with $506 million going to education. (The OEA insisted the remainder be diverted to non-education entities.) The plan called for a $6,000 teacher pay raise this year, a pay raise for support staff at schools, and increased appropriations for school operations... FULL ARTICLE

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