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Transportation coalition presents 2nd annual award to former Gov. George Nigh

Transportation coalition presents 2nd annual award to former Gov. George Nigh


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, January 18, 2012 – Transportation Revenues Used Strictly For Transportation (TRUST), an advocacy group dedicated to funding and restoring Oklahoma’s infrastructure, presented its second annual Guardian of Transportation award to former Oklahoma Governor George Nigh during its annual Transportation Innovation Banquet held Tuesday evening at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. Nigh served as governor from 1979-1987. TRUST president Neal McCaleb, Secretary of Transportation and ODOT director during the administration of former Governor and current TRUST co-chairman Frank Keating, said the award is presented annually to an individual that exemplifies excellence in all areas of the transportation industry.

“Simply stated, Governor Nigh was a true road building advocate during his terms of service as governor, and he knew the value a first-rate transportation infrastructure represented to Oklahoma economically,” McCaleb said. “The Northwest Passage from Oklahoma City to the Colorado state line would not have happened without Governor Nigh, and fittingly, that highway carries his name today. Other highways across the state would also not have been possible without George Nigh’s leadership, and he has continued to advocate for improving Oklahoma’s transportation infrastructure system since leaving elective office 25 years ago. It is an honor for TRUST to present the Guardian of Transportation award to a truly deserving recipient, Governor George Nigh.”

Over 225 TRUST members, legislators, elected officials and transportation advocates attended the banquet which featured a keynote address from Governor Mary Fallin who spoke urgently regarding the need for the state to continue to place transportation funding as a key priority. She also provided details of her Bridge & Turnpike Modernization Plan unveiled last year and set to be considered by the Legislature when they convene February 6th.


TRUST is an advocacy group dedicated to restoring Oklahoma’s transportation infrastructure. We are committed to creating a culture within Oklahoma government that values and adequately funds transportation as a top priority. Since 2005 TRUST has grown into a diverse coalition of more than 120 statewide organizations representing banking, energy, agri-business, construction, chambers of commerce, public safety, transportation and concerned citizens. To learn more visit
Contact: John Cox, TRUST communications director, 405.255.8117,


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