$5.6B in Earmarks Included in Transportation Bill

Route Fifty

By Andrea Noble, June 9, 2021 The 1,473 local projects funded in the bill range from a transportation center adjacent to the San Diego airport to a paved bike lane in New Jersey.

This post was updated to reflect the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's approval of the bill. More than 1,400 local projects are included in the surface transportation bill the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee advanced early Thursday. The list of projects, which equate to roughly $5.6 billion in earmarks, were chosen from more than 2,400 project requests submitted by members of Congress. The projects span 46 states and several territories and range from complicated transit center developments to construction of sidewalks or roundabouts. The earmarks are included in House Democrats’ $547 billion transportation proposal, which would allocate funding for bridges, roads, transit and railways over the next five years.

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