Biden Advocates For Sweeping New Federal Investments

The president made the case for his agenda before a joint session of Congress, as he reaches 100 days in office. Many of his proposals have implications for state and local government.

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By Bill Lucia APRIL 28, 2021 President Biden in a speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night made a case for a sprawling set of proposals he has put forward to pump trillions of federal dollars into areas like infrastructure, education and childcare over the next decade. Biden's plans mark a drastic shift not only from the policies backed by his predecessor, but also highlight how he and Democrats in Congress are pushing for a slate of federal investments that would be some of the largest in a generation. They are also seeking to unwind some tax cuts for corporations and higher earners enacted during the Trump years, while calling for tax relief for lower-earners. "We’re in competition with China and other countries to win the 21st Century," Biden said.

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