Biden wants to sell infrastructure. His problem: Few buyers.

While the president has been plugging the infrastructure package he shepherded through Congress to voters, Democrats in tough re-election fights say their focus is elsewhere.

NBC News By Shannon Pettypiece, Sahil Kapur and Scott Wong May 8, 2022, 5:30 AM CDT WASHINGTON — As President Joe Biden ramps up his efforts to help Democrats in the midterm elections, he’s focused on a selling point that, so far, voters aren’t: his plan to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. Standing in an industrial building near the Port of New Hampshire last month, flanked by construction and boating equipment, Biden talked dredging, bridges and lead pipes. “Folks, this matters. It matters to our safety, our security, our health," Biden told the crowd there as he promoted the $550 billion infrastructure package he shepherded through Congress last year.

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