Buttigieg says new infrastructure plan ‘looking to the future,’ helps long-term job growth


March 31, 2021

The Biden administration on Wednesday set in motion its next big campaign in congress: A $2 trillion infrastructure plan to rebuild roads, bridges, power grids and other projects. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the plan.

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Judy Woodruff: For more on the president's plan, we're joined now by someone who'll play a critical role in implementing it if it becomes law. He's Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Mr. Secretary, welcome to the "NewsHour." There is so much in this plan. We can't possibly talk about it in one interview. But let me ask you, what is the main change going to be in the lives of Americans if this becomes law?

Sec. Pete Buttigieg:

Well, the main change is that Americans will be able to count on having the absolute best infrastructure.

You know, as the report mentioned, we are 13th in the world, and headed in the wrong direction. Americans are being expected to settle for less. And you see that with the holes in our roads. You see that with the condition in our bridges, to say nothing of how things like our airports and our train systems are lagging so far behind what citizens in other developed countries can count on just as a matter of course.

The other way Americans are going to feel the difference is in the jobs this is going to create. This is going to open economic opportunity, not only to those who work in the transportation sector, but to every American who counts on great infrastructure to be able to get to where they need to be.

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