City approves statewide Route 66 bicycle path

Sapulpa Times By Micah Choquette July 28, 2021

Sapulpa City Council unanimously approved the proposed statewide bicycle route that will run the entirety of historic Route 66, a portion of which will run through downtown Sapulpa, starting at Oak street and continuing until it hits the Ozark Trail, by the historic Rock Creek Bridge. The route will be the first of its kind in Oklahoma, which, until this proposition, had no U.S. bicycle routes that stretched across state lines. Last week, Sapulpa Times reported Missouri and Kansas designating bike routes, with the hope that Oklahoma wouldn’t be far behind in adding our own long-distance bicycle paths. Sapulpa Director of Economic Development Mark Lawson presented the item before the City Council, and was grateful at the council’s unanimous approval. “I am thankful to have a council that values one of Sapulpa’s greatest assets: Route 66,” he said. “Their unanimous adoption of this resolution reflects our city’s commitment to attracting tourism and growing our economy.” Lawson added that cycling is a popular and growing activity, and said “our support of the US Bike Route 66 is a win for our city.”

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