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Despite falling gas prices, some politicians push ahead with tax breaks

Route Fifty By Daniel C. Vock, NOVEMBER 22, 2023 Governors often suspend gas taxes for an easy political win with voters. But fuel taxes already face an uncertain future. Falling gas prices are welcome news to holiday travelers, but some state officials insist that fuel taxes need to be lower to help drivers with the cost of filling up at the pump. Gas prices have been falling for two months, and the average price of gasoline throughout the country is $3.27 a gallon, according to Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, a fuel-price tracking service. “As millions of Americans gear up to hit the road for Thanksgiving, the national average is seeing its longest streak of declines in over a year, reaching a ninth straight week as gas prices fall to their lowest since January,” De Haan said in a blog post. “The fall in gas prices, largely seasonal due to weakening gasoline demand, could extend for another week or two, leading to potentially the lowest gas prices since 2021 by Christmas.”

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