Key House transportation figures win reelection

Leadership figures on Transportation Committee return to Congress, as do two members of Railroads subcommittee

November 4, 2020

Notable federal results with transportation significance from Tuesday's election: — The three leadership figures on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure all won reelection. In Oregon, Democrat Peter DeFazio, chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, defeated challenger Alek Skarlatos to win the state’s 4th Congressional District with 58% of the vote, according to the Oregonian newspaper. Another Democrat, Vice Chair Salud Carbajal, is projected to have won California’s 24th Congressional District; as of late Tuesday, with 65% of precincts reporting, he had 62.4% of the vote against Republican challenger Andy Caldwell. And Ranking Member Sam Graves handily won reelection in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District with 67.1% of the vote compared to 30.8% for Democratic challenger Gena Ross.

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