Making the Case for State Infrastructure Czars

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By Daniel C. Vock APRIL 20, 2022 A leading consultancy is backing the Biden administration’s idea that states should have a lead person to help navigate programs in the new infrastructure law. With a wave of new public works funding coming from the federal government, the Biden administration earlier this year urged governors to designate point people to oversee their states’ efforts to tap the money and make sure it is well spent. Now, an influential group of consultants is throwing their support behind the idea that states should select infrastructure czars, or “coordinators.” The recommendation comes from McKinsey’s Public & Social Sector Practice, which noted that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure law that President Biden signed last year is larger and more complex than previous programs of its kind. “While the [law] presents new funding opportunities, it could also present many challenges for states—all of which may build a case for installing a steady infrastructure coordinator at the helm,” the McKinsey authors wrote.

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