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Sequoyah County Times By Lynn Mcculley April 27, 2022

What began as a compliment to Dist. 2 Commissioner Beau Burlison on improvements recently made to a county road, led to an entire conversation about other road projects in Sequoyah County at Monday’s meeting of the Sequoyah County Board of Commissioners.

The conversation included other words of appreciation on some of the roads in the county along with questions about ongoing road projects, and changes recently in the state’s transportation budget which can affect future construction projects.

Jim Rogers, Dist. 3 Commissioner, addressed the present Redwood Road construction project which is in its final phase of completion. However, Rogers said since all projects have the oversight of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), his hands are tied in decisions on when the road will officially be open.

“They still need to lay sod on the side of the road, do the striping and signage. I’m hoping they can go ahead with the striping and signage and open the road. With the recent rains, if there’s a change in order or something, laying sod could delay the process but it should be open soon,” he said. “I know this has been an inconvenience to those who have to travel in that direction and that includes myself,” Rogers said. “But it should be completed soon.”

Rogers said during the meeting with he and Dist. 1 Commissioner Ray Watts serving on state boards, Sequoyah County has a good chance of obtaining some road money. However, there are 231 other county commissioners after that same money.

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