Smart Pavement Powering EV Charging, In-road Traffic Sensors

Route Fifty By Shourjya Mookerjee, Associate Editor, GCN MAY 4, 2022 With the installation of smart pavement at five downtown intersections, a Kansas town is driving smart infrastructure adoption.

Lenexa, Kansas, will be installing smart pavement that charges electric, enables wireless communications and monitors traffic.

At five intersections in central downtown, precast concrete blocks from smart infrastructure company Integrated Roadways will be installed as part of a 10-year, $250 million pilot. The blocks come with load transfer devices for wireless EV charging, in-road traffic sensors and expansion ports for ultra wideband antennas to enable Wi-Fi and 5G capabilities as well as future enhancements.

A nearby roadside control center, outfitted with server racks, power control systems and specialized hardware, provides edge services for the pavement. The roadside units store and mange intelligent traffic systems data and can control traffic-responsive lighting systems, intersection cameras, gunshot detectors, pollution monitors, digital twins and more, according to the company website.

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