States Experiment With Orange Highway Striping in Work Zones

Route Fifty

By Daniel C. Vock APRIL 25, 2022

It’s among the latest attempts to cut down on crashes in construction areas.

Traffic engineers in southern California are trying to figure out whether orange striping in work zones can help improve safety, an idea that their counterparts around the country have tried to perfect for more than a decade.

The California engineers are using the orange pavement markings during construction to add carpool lanes on a four-mile segment of Interstate 5 north of San Diego.

The state transportation department is using the extra color to help highlight the white and yellow lane markings while the highway is expanded. On one side of the highway, the orange lines are on either side of white dashes, framing them like an Oreo cookie. On the other side, Caltrans is trying a design where the color of the dashes is split into two sections lengthwise, with one half white and the other orange.

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