The road to America’s infrastructure overhaul is paved in technology

American City & County By Cyndee Hoagland April 27, 2022

When it comes to infrastructure construction and maintenance, the road we took to get here will not lead us where we need to go tomorrow. An influx of government funding including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and various coronavirus recovery programs provides a generational opportunity to invest in roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure assets. It also creates a generational challenge for the city, county and state governments tasked with turning America’s infrastructure dreams into reality. According to McKinsey, construction projects typically run up to 80 percent over budget and take 20 percent longer than scheduled to finish. For big projects, such as highways, airports and railways, this can add up to billions of dollars and decades of delays. Even on smaller projects, every day and taxpayer dollar counts. Layer on the unprecedented level of coordination and reporting required to take advantage of federal infrastructure funding, and government entities of all sizes are staggering under the weight of finding a way to take advantage of this golden opportunity while also meeting all the requirements that come with it. The answer lies in one word: technology. The public sector will need to rely on modern technology to build a more modern nation. Digital construction technologies have been proven to help city, county and state governments save both time and money—shaving weeks or sometimes months off of project timelines and digitizing processes that enable them to do more while managing through labor shortages.

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