Work to add flyover ramps at I-44/US-75 to begin next year, ahead of initial schedule

KRMG By Spencer Humphrey, FOX23 News November 17, 2022

TULSA, Okla.The project to transform the interchange at I-44 and US-75, which was expected to be completed toward the end of the decade, is now expected to be mostly complete within the next two years. FOX23 confirmed the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) moved the planned second third phases forward to begin work on long-anticipated flyover ramps late next year. Work on the first phase of the project began in 2020 and is nearly completed. That phase rebuilt the bridges where US-75 crosses over I-44, and well as where Union Avenue passes over I-44. It also rebuilt the previously existing cloverleaf interchange, as well as a number of tall piers to hold up future flyover ramps. The initial plan called for those piers to sit unused for several years until funding for future phases to build the ramps on them became available.

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