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[ About Oklahoma Roads ]

Oklahoma is the Crossroads of America. Unfortunately we rank near the top nationally in deficient bridges and more 25% of our state highways need critical repairs. The Crossroads are crumbling.

A cornerstone of good state government is providing safe and adequate transportation. In Oklahoma, we have achieved solid progress since 2006 by increasing state funds for transportation by over $700 million, however the state still has over $10 billion in backlogged repairs needed to rehabilitate our transportation infrastructure.

Without better roads and bridges, Oklahoma’s commerce and economic development will be stifled. There will be limited access in rural communities to emergency responders, an increased loss of life and a poor state image. Additionally, we will saddle future generations with an ever-growing tax burden to fund repairs that grow more costly the longer we delay.

To change this TRUST was formed in 2005 to improve Oklahoma’s roads and bridges through legislative and grassroots advocacy, education and public relations campaigns. We are united toward one objective - to create a permanent paradigm shift in Oklahoma state government that holds transportation as the leading priority. Learn about our plan to restore Oklahoma with TRUST.

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  • Update: Gov. Mary Fallin signs emergency rules governing medical marijuana

    Board bans smokable marijuana products and requires pharmacist on siteTulsa WorldBy Samantha Vicent Tulsa World  Jul 11, 2018Gov. Mary Fallin on Wednesday signed a set of emergency rules governing medical marijuana.The governor's office issued the following statement from Fallin:“These rules are the best place to start in developing a proper regulatory framework for medical marijuana, with the highest priority given to the health and safety of Oklahomans. They are also the quickes...

  • Senate Democrats Again Criticize Trump’s Infrastructure Proposal

    Transport TopicsEugene Mulero and Libby Seline | Staff ReportersJuly 11, 2018 4:45 PM, EDTWASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan continues to disappoint Senate Democrats critical of a proposal that would rely heavily on private sector investors to advance large-scale infrastructure projects.Democrats on the Environment and Public Works Committee who panned the White House’s decision in February to use $200 billion in federal funds to spark additional infrastr...

  • Meet the members of the state board of health after it voted to ban marijuana sales of smokable product

    Tulsa WorldJul 11, 2018 The state Board of Health, in a controversial 5-4 decision, voted to ban the sale of smokable medical marijuana products at dispensaries. Click here to learn more.If Gov. Mary Fallin, who has 45 days to accept or reject the rules.

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