Biden's Push on Gas Tax Relief Will Likely Fall to States

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By Bill Lucia JUNE 22, 2022 His plan to suspend the federal tax to help ease high gas prices has low odds of passing Congress. The president says states are in a solid financial position to take action, but experts have doubts about whether gas tax holidays at any level are good policy. With gasoline prices soaring, President Biden is pushing for Congress to approve a three-month suspension of the federal gas tax this summer, while also urging states to roll back their gas taxes or look for other ways to provide motorists relief at the pump. But with key congressional lawmakers on both sides of the aisle skeptical of the idea, it appears the president's plan for a federal gas tax holiday through the end of September is at best a long shot. That means Biden's proposal could mainly amount to an effort to get states to act on the issue. Already this year, at least five states have moved to temporarily suspend taxes on motor fuel, as others have put off gas tax or fee increases, or looked to send rebate payments to residents. Biden pointed to some of these places during remarks on Wednesday.

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