Department of Transportation modernized transportation systems to strengthen U.S. competitiveness

The Washington Times By Elaine L. Chao

October 26, 2020

America’s transportation infrastructure is the backbone of our world-leading economy. It’s a key factor in productivity, providing our nation with unprecedented mobility and profoundly affecting our quality of life. When President Trump assumed office, he understood that these gains were jeopardized by deteriorating infrastructure and a failure to keep pace with emerging technologies.    During this administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation has played a vital role in modernizing transportation systems and strengthening America’s competitiveness. Rebuilding, refurbishing, and revitalizing the nation’s infrastructure became a top priority. Nearly $300 billion has been invested to improve America’s infrastructure — from highways to airports to seaports. After years of neglect and underinvestment in America’s heartland, the Department of Transportation has made it a priority to ensure that federal resources are accessible to everyone, including rural communities. Urban areas used to receive over 80 percent of awards from the Department of Transportation’s largest competitive grant programs, while rural communities received just 20 percent. This has changed with rural areas now receiving their fair share. 

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