Extension Shoves Hot Infrastructure Issue to Back Burner

Transport Topics

By Eugene Mulero

October 5, 2020

With less than one month to go before the presidential election, the condition of the nation’s highway infrastructure — and the need to upgrade it — has once again been spotlighted.

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently projected that $4.1 trillion will be needed from 2020 through 2039 to sustain the country’s surface transportation. “Chronic underinvestment in our surface transportation infrastructure bears severe economic consequences,” the group said. “Subpar roadway conditions and transit that does not meet a state of good repair produces direct costs to businesses and households, as well as to the national economy.”

While the recent enactment of a yearlong extension to the country’s premier highway policy law is a positive step, it also arguably takes the pressure off of the candidates and lawmakers to focus on transportation during the elections.

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