Fiscal 2021 Funding Bill Negotiations Continue on Capitol Hill

Transport Topics

By Eugene Mulero

November 16, 2020

With the memory of the most recent presidential election still fresh in some lawmakers’ minds, congressional funding leaders continue to debate the dozen bills vital for keeping the government operational.

The clock is ticking for the leadership of the Appropriations Committee tasked with maneuvering the fiscal 2021 measures through the chambers prior to a Dec. 11 deadline. Absent the enactment of fiscal 2021 bills or a short-term appropriations bill, funding for most of the federal apparatus expires after that date. A measure that would dedicate funding for the U.S. Department of Transportation and its agencies is part of the appropriations process.

To advance the legislative ball further down the field in the lame duck, a Senate panel recently unveiled its fiscal 2021 appropriations bills. On transportation, the Senate measure would provide $48.7 billion for the Federal Highway Administration, $18 billion for the Federal Aviation Administration and $13 billion for the Federal Transit Administration. It also would dedicate $1 billion for an infrastructure grants program.

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