Transportation Groups Push for Stimulus Funding, Support From New Administration

Engineering News-Record

November 18, 2020

Aileen Cho and Tom Ichniowski

Transportation groups hope the incoming Biden administration will usher in a stimulus package and address the impending September 2021 deadline regarding extension of the federal transportation bill. An adviser to President-elect Joe Biden is encouraging them to expand their internal lists of priority projects, identifying some that can get started quickly for a rapid economic boost and others that will have long-range “transformative” impacts on their states.

Former Deputy U.S. Dept. of Transportation Secretary John D. Porcari told attendees of the American Association ofState Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) annual meeting on Nov. 12 that the Biden administration is likely to seek an increase in funding for current programs.

Porcari said the plan would likely include added funds for existing core federal programs with funds distributed by formula.

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